Hebrides Ensemble Proms At Belfast

26 April 2022

Three generations of genius: live in Belfast, the Hebrides Ensemble returns to the BBC Proms, performing 20th-century classics by Ravel, Messiaen and Iannis Xenakis as part of the Proms At series on Monday 18 July 2022.

Three generations of French composers, and a century-long revolution in the way that we hear the world. From the exquisitely realised miniature worlds of Maurice Ravel, to the sacred ecstasies of Olivier Messiaen and the bold, sonic architecture of his pupil Iannis Xenakis (who would have been 100 this year), these are sounds to ravish the ear and set the synapses sparking.

Hebrides Ensemble is a virtuoso chamber ensemble created specially to play music like this – up close and personal in Belfast’s Waterfront Hall Studio.

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