Jörg Widmann

Re-Imagined (Glasgow)

RSNO Centre , 19 Killermont Street, Glasgow, G2 3NX, Scotland
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Composers have always reached across the ages to find inspiration from their predecessors. Hebrides Ensemble presents a programme of music with roots in previous eras, as Bach and Schubert provide the catalyst for composers ranging from Mozart and Cassandra Miller to a composer that has become very familiar to Scottish audiences in recent years, Jörg Widmann.

Presented in partnership with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra as part of their Afternoon Concerts series.



JS Bach                                   Five Fugues from Well-Tempered Clavier, K.405
arr. WA Mozart                            No. 3 in E major (after BWV 878) [5′]

Cassandra Miller                  About Bach [25′]


Franz Schubert                     Three Arrangements for Octet [11′]
arr. Tom David Wilson              Moments Musicaux No.3 in F, Op.94 D780
Erlkönig, Op.1 D328
‘Der Leiermann’ from Winterreise, Op.89 No.24, D911

Jörg Widmann                      Oktett [28′]

Cassandra Miller

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